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What we do

Bring us your instrumentals and we'll record your vocals using a Neumann TLM 49 with a basic mix while in session.

We can take any raw recordings you have and balance the elements out to make a coherent mix or apply the final polish through Mastering

If you need beats, we have a team of talented producers covering a wide range of genres. 


Our very own branded clothing and accessories

Our Work

Our Work

Production by Ethan Nichols x Jamal Kerns x Tennyson Reid Montgomery x Ethan Sandford-Marchese x Ronnie Beatz



Ronnie Beatz

  • Began producing in 2001

  • Began recording in 2007

  • Graduated from ITT Technical Institute 2007

  • Recorded Multi - Platinum Selling Artist/Songwriter - Money Mark Diggla (Formerly of Slip-N-Slide Records) 

  • Founded Bass Lab Entertainment L.L.C. 2017

  • Recording Engineer at Starboy Studios 2017 - 2019

  • Recorded DJ Drops for The Legendary Bigga Rankin 

  • Winner of The Remy Producer Series: Miami 

  • Launched Beat Leasing services through Beatstars 

  • Launched Bass Lab Apparel 

  • Recorded and Mixed Single for The Legendary DJ Raw and Najeebah The Hemp Goddess Single - Keep It Movin 

  • 2 Commercial Placements with Bright Futuro Records Band Sol+TheTribu 

  • Launched campaign to open The Bass Lab Recording Studio 

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